Thursday, October 6, 2011

Headed Out

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I went to when we started our new business to find the best prices on energy. I knew that we were definitely going to need the best prices that we could get because we were going to be open 24/7. Being open 24/7 meant that all of the utilities would be running all day and not getting a break. Apart from the energy costs, I figured that we would only need to have two employees on duty for the night shift because of traffic volume. I worked with my accountant and business planner and figured out that if would be worth staying open all night. The only thing that I am worried about before we get the business up and running is finding good, reliable night staff that I can trust. I know from pervious experience that working the night shift can do really funky things to your body’s clock and your psyche. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our recruiter has great luck!

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